An old log cabin at Heritage Farm needed our attention to complete the stone chimney. It was a challenging job due to the size of the stones, but with (Stone mason) blood in us we all really enjoyed working on something so historical.

Contact them and find out what days they sell homemade bread and beans fresh from the fireplace. 

HERITAGE FARM MUSEUM & VILLAGE 3300 Harvey Road | Huntington, WV 25704 (304) 522-1244

Heritage station had some damaged brick along the base of the restaurant/bakery and they contacted us to replace these bricks with new. These are very old bricks and only a brick of the same style was available. some tuck pointing of the brick was needed as well. 

Tuck point

We had to do the job in sections because the whole bottom section needed to be replaced and removal of all at once would have caused a collapse.   

This stone retaining wall just gave way. It had been around as long as the house and the water and ground pressure finally won out.

We were able to save enough of the old stone and mix it with new, that restoring this beautiful wall was a pleasure. It took real stone masons to do this. Rebuilding stone retaining walls is indeed an art. 

Stone bridge we built below the Rose Garden in Hutntington WV gives walking access between Ritter Park walking area and the Rose Garden. There are very few stone masons that could do this job. You had to walk across the creek before. Notice the other little bridge we built (With the metal railing) up the path. it leads to the hiking trail.

Stone Bridge, Huntington WV

A plaque set in the stone bridge. We were honored to have our business name there. 

Tuck-pointing and sealing of the front of the old bank at Heritage Station.

Tuck-point seal brick building

Finished project.

Same thing at the front of the park board offices. Tuck-point and seal brick.

Decorative stone walkway and sitting area.

Stone retaining wall at the front of the rose garden was giving way and had to be rebuilt. We were able to use most of the same stone and most people don’t even know it had been rebuilt unless they seen us working on it. Grandfather worked it originally. 

Doing our clean up on this classic retaining wall job. This one of many stone walls we have repaired or rebuilt that my grandfather & later my dad had done starting over 100 years ago here in Huntington WV and our local tri-state area.

My Church (Kellogg Church)

We had a need for handicap accessible restrooms at our church and with the help of others we were able to complete the job. We were fortune enough to be able to match the stone with the older existing one and also took out the corner stone and reset it at the front of the addition. We also salvaged most of the brick frame from the window we had to remove. Turned out nice; come by and visit and take a look: 4430 Piedmont road Huntington, WV 25704 "Kellogg Church"