Retrofit block basement walls

Many times, wall movement and water problems go hand in hand. There are different ways to tackle these problems. One way is to dig out around the foundation, retrofit the block walls with steel rebar and flood the cores with pea gravel concrete. Click PDF Drawing

Outside waterproofing

The wall then needs to be waterproofed with the proper drainage tile, vapor barrier and insulation to protect the wall. The area should be filled most of the way with drainage aggrigate and protected with filter fabric before any top soil is installed.

Click link to PDF drawing

Foundation waterproofing, finish design 

Here at Charley Bailey General contractors, we don’t just do the specialty and then leave you to find several other contractors to put it all back together. You hire us, we get the job done, right down to the cleanup.

Brick columns, flagstone walk and entrance 

We can also add what ever the home owner would like; such as the brick columns in the above picture and the designed entrance pad with stone steps.

Basement wall stabilization, steel buttresses

If there is no water problem and the wall has a bulge or step cracks; many times we will set steel I-beam buttresses against the wall supported at top and bottom. A very common method of retaining the basement wall.

Inside waterproofing, I-beam buttresses

Sometimes the problem is a little more extensive and requires both wall support and waterproofing from the inside. The picture above sort of speaks for itself.

Basement sump pump

In most cases a sump pump is needed to discharge the water from the basement or crawl space. If there is a lower area a gravity drain can be installed in place of the sump pump.

Inside waterproofing, basement waterproofing

When inside waterproofing is all that’s needed; our waterproofing system does the job and last the life of the house. Keeping an open discharge line, power to the pump and pump maintenance is always the owners responsibility.

Link to PDF inside waterproofing

Wet basement dried up
Leaving the area clean and dry and a satisfied home owner is our goal.
Basement waterproofing drawing by: Charley Bailey General Contractors

Basement waterproofing drawing by: Charley Bailey General Contractors