We Specialize in Foundation Repair, waterproofing basements & crawl spaces, French drains, masonry, Concrete and our original family trade of stonework

                                                                           WE USE PIER-TECH  HELICAL  FOUNDATION REPAIR SYSTEM


For most people, their home is their largest investment; and therefore every effort should be made to keep that investment sound.

            Shallow footers are probably the number one reason for residential foundation movement. When the clay ground gets wet and soft it becomes unstable, it will swell and shift. If the footer is shallow, it is prone to move with the soft earth. Likewise, if the ground becomes too dry from the long summer months, the ground will shrink. A shallow footer in many cases will shift, move and drop with the shrinking ground.

Some of the signs of a failing foundation includes doors and windows that are hard to open or close, door and window frames are not level or cracks usually starting at the corners of doors and windows and many times running across the ceiling; brick or block on the outside showing cracks. These are usually at corners or near openings in the veneer. Basement walls that are bowed can cause cracks in the upper level of the home as well. Wet crawl space or insufficient footing can cause cracking and or bouncing in the floor. All of these issues and others, need to be evaluated by a qualified contractor who can explain and recommend solutions.

Paver sidewalk, patio

We here at Charley Bailey General Contractors, can not only make sure your foundation is sound and water issues are addressed, but we can also beatify your home with, exterior and interior stone veneer; concrete driveways and walks accented by beautiful stone retaining walls. Your masonry needs are one of our specialties.

                                                                                   French drain to redirect standing water away from the house.

                                                                                   French drain to redirect standing water away from the house.

Reasons you may need French Drain:
A French drain consists of a trench dug out in usually low lying areas or swales where you want to redirect surface and subsurface water. Perforated tile, base channel and gravel cocooned (enveloped) by filter fabric are to be installed in trench. Drains are then directed to a proper discharge area. French drains help to control water. Out of control water can damage your foundation and crawl space.