Foundation repair helical piers

Installing the correct amount of helical piers in the right spot is very important in stabilizing or lifting a foundation. Having the right equipment makes the job much more efficient and easier. As a certified Piertech installer, we have the equipment and know-how.

Piertech foundation bracket helical piers

The Piertech footer bracket and helical piers are by far the heavier and better built pier system we have found. We have used other company’s brand, and the ones we tried were a little cheaper, but I will stick with Piertech. They keep advancing in their techniques; such as their patented cross lock connection, which is a great time saver for us; not to mention less torque damage to the pier connections. (Notice the lift in the footer in the picture)

Cracked footer foundation repair

Getting in to difficult areas where other equipment can’t go makes our portable Anchor Lift with our separate portable Gas engine hydraulic power unit invaluable

Tie-back helical install

Anchor Lift is also portable enough to take into most basements and makes the perfect tool for installing helical tie-backs to stabilize failing basement walls. We use it to drill our holes and install our tie-backs.

Carbon fiber strips basement wall repair

Some walls are a candidate for “carbon-fiber strips” These strips, when properly installed can stabilize basement walls under certain conditions and are recommended by some engineers.  (Paint must be grind off first)